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NAT Detector

  Plugin Name:
NAT Detector
  Plugin Version: 19.0  
  Support: WFilter zh.4.1, WFilter en.4.1, WFilter ROS 1.0  
  Author: imfirewall  
  ModifyTime: 2022-03-03 00:29:34  

This plugin can detect client devices which are running NAT services or proxy services.


This plugin is official supported. You can install it in "System Settings"->"Plugins" of WFilter.


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NAT Detector v19.0(2022-03-03 00:22:18)

css new version compatible

NAT Detector v18.0(2018-07-12 04:28:31)

Exception improvement.

NAT Detector v17.0(2017-06-08 10:00:50)

Display issue in WFilter NGF.

NAT Detector v16.0(2016-11-02 01:57:37)

Improvement of smart filter for less false alarm.

NAT Detector v15.0(2016-01-04 22:56:05)

Support for WFilter ROS.

NAT Detector v14.0(2015-11-18 22:13:21)

Resolved the bug for exception IP

NAT Detector v12.0(2015-11-12 00:59:45)

Resolved the bug in IE

NAT Detector v11.0(2015-11-09 22:51:42)

Support for WFilter OS

NAT Detector v10.0(2015-09-09 21:49:38)

Add push message

NAT Detector v9.0(2015-06-05 03:12:37)

1. Resolved the problem of combine windows system.

NAT Detector v8.0(2015-06-01 21:30:24)

1. Display the detected time of system2. Add model of mobile3. resolved the bug of special characters

NAT Detector v7.0(2015-05-13 05:29:12)

1. add automatic analysis

NAT Detector v6.0(2014-12-18 02:25:19)

remind progress.

NAT Detector v5.0(2014-10-21 01:08:23)

Combile windows system

NAT Detector v4.0(2014-09-29 23:00:04)

Adjust the display of page

NAT Detector v3.0(2014-09-29 00:59:21)

Resolved the problem of time

NAT Detector v2.0(2014-09-24 23:57:35)

Resolved the problem of detect.

NAT Detector v1.0(2014-09-12 01:27:59)

First release