WFilter Internet Content Filter

Windows software for pass-by internet monitoring and filtering of business networks.

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Why choose WFilter ICF?

  Windows software solution, deployed with minimal change to network topology.

  Zero client installation, one software to monitor a whole network.

  Most cost-effective, please check: WFilter price list.

  Continuous research and development for over ten years.

  Comparison of WFilter ICF and other internet filtering solutions.

Windows Software Solution
  • Installed on a Windows computer without additional hardware.
  • Coexist with other Windows software.
  • Support saving to database with mass storage.
Bypass Deployment
  • Monitoring through a mirror port of switch.
  • No need to modify existing network settings.
  • Bypass deployment with no influence to the existing network.
Unified Wired and Wireless Management
  • Manage wired and wireless networks together.
  • Detect and control PC applications, as well as mobile apps.
  • NAT sharing detection and blocking.
Distributed management solution
  • Support file version and database version.
  • The database version can act as a data center for unified data storage.