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JinRiTouTiao ports range, how to block JinRiTouTiao in network?

Support: WFilter zh.4.1, WFilter en.4.1, WFilter Free 1.0, WFilter ROS 1.0, WFilter MINI 1.0
  Author: Alice ModifyTime: 2022-03-07 01:57:26  
      JinRiTouTiao is a news app in china.  

This protocol is official supported. You can install it in "System Settings"->"Protocols" of WFilter.


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"JinRiTouTiao" uses TCP protocol for communication.

TCP traffic analysis

Ports Range

Remote tcp port(s): 80.

HTTP traffic analysis

HTTP traffic is found in JinRiTouTiao's traffic.

Host(s) being connected(regular expression): tt\.bytecdn\.cn$, \.(toutiao|snssdk|pstatp|byteimg|toutiaoimg|toutiaovod)\.com.

TLS traffic analysis

TLS connections are found in JinRiTouTiao's traffic.

TLS Host(s) being connected(regular expression): \.(toutiao|snssdk|pstatp|toutiaoimg|toutiaovod|toutiaocdn|toutiaoapi)\.com$.

How to block JinRiTouTiao?

  • Block the listed ports to block JinRiTouTiao.
  • Block the listed http and tls domains to block JinRiTouTiao.
  • Setup a content filter(ie: WFilter), which can block JinRiTouTiao via signature matching.

JinRiTouTiao v8.0(2022-03-07 01:57:26)

● Add patterns.

JinRiTouTiao v7.0(2021-11-24 03:59:58)

● Add patterns.

JinRiTouTiao v6.0(2021-03-22 03:26:25)

● Add patterns.

JinRiTouTiao v4.0(2018-12-17 04:27:15)

● Add patterns.

JinRiTouTiao v3.0(2018-03-22 01:41:23)

● Add patterns.

JinRiTouTiao v2.0(2015-12-09 00:44:59)

● Add patterns.

JinRiTouTiao v1.0(2014-10-25 04:33:52)

● Add patterns.