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DHCP Discover

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DHCP Discover
  Plugin Version: 11.0  
  Support: WFilter zh.4.1, WFilter en.4.1, WFilter Free 1.0, WFilter ROS 1.0  
  Author: imfirewall  
  ModifyTime: 2022-03-03 01:17:19  

This plugin can simulate DHCP requests to discover dhcp servers on your network.


This plugin is official supported. You can install it in "System Settings"->"Plugins" of WFilter.


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i like it,thx a lot
By 220.168.57.* on 2016-06-30 04:45:29   like( 2 ) dislike( 0 )

DHCP Discover v11.0(2022-03-03 01:17:19)

css new version compatible

DHCP Discover v10.0(2017-08-29 02:53:35)

Fixed the interface issue for NGF in bridge mode.

DHCP Discover v9.0(2016-07-13 22:30:41)

Modify UI,Remove widget.

DHCP Discover v8.0(2016-06-02 02:09:44)

Modify Ajax

DHCP Discover v7.0(2015-11-09 01:33:04)

Support for WFilter NGF

DHCP Discover v6.0(2014-05-20 04:30:44)

Resolved problem of dashboard error.

DHCP Discover v5.0(2014-03-27 02:45:24)

Support for WFilter4.1.

DHCP Discover v4.0(2014-01-02 04:23:24)

Added mac address manufactory.

DHCP Discover v3.0(2013-10-11 23:29:30)

Optimized code

DHCP Discover v2.0(2013-09-10 01:58:06)

change description.

DHCP Discover v1.0(2013-07-12 05:34:31)

First release.