IMMonitor Enterprise v2.1 is released.
Published 2005-10-11 09:00
IMMonitor Enterprise v2.1 is released. Some bugs are fixed. And improved a lot of IM content monitor.

WFilter 2.1 is released.
Published 2005-09-25 09:00
WFilter 2.1 is released. WFilter can monitor all the traffics in you lan. And you can control IM usage of several IM tools.

IMMonitor2.0 is released.
Published 2005-08-02 09:00
IMMonitor2.0 is released. The new version has improved a lot in instant message dectection and email monitor is added. And we use web technical as the user interface, it will be more convenience in using our product and remote access is available.

IMMonitor Enterprise v1.1 is released.
Published 2005-05-29 09:00
IMMonitor Enterprise v1.1 is released, the new version has more powerful instant message dectection. And deep content inspection capabilities are added which can detect instant message conversations transfered via HTTP or HTTPS.

A new patch of IMMonitor Enterprise Edition is released, fixed bug of unstable MSN detection.
Published 2005-05-26 09:00
A new patch of IMMonitor Enterprise Edition is released, fixed bug of unstable MSN detection.

Published 2022-09-01 12:03:45
1. Improvment of ip-mac list loading.
2. Fixed webvpn uploading attachement size limit.
3. Improvment of nat reflection.
4. Other minor bug fixes.

Published 2022-06-15 14:13:45
1. Fixed several bugs of SD-WAN.
2. Fixed a security issue of login.
3. Added SNAT in "NAT" settings.
4. Some other minor improvements.

Published 2022-02-15 16:05:22
1. Added MTU option for PPTP client.
2. Added content replacement for webvpn.
3. Added source port option in firewall.
4. Added MAC address filtering in firewall.
6. Other minor bugs fixes.

Published 2021-11-25 15:40:42
1. Improvement of blocking performance when SSL inspection is enabled.
2. Fixed a bug of blocking customize file types in "web filter".
3. Blocking ipv6 in bridge deployment.
4. Added IP segments support in "Exception".
5. Performance improvement of exporting history records.
6. Security improvement of firewall zones.
7. Fixed a bug of ipsec tunnels via domain.

Published 2021-11-15 13:48:43
1. Fixed rundll directory path.
2. Removed pass-through deployment.
3. Fixed a bug of account blocking.
4. Enabled fastcgi UI in default.